8 Tips to Get Your Home Heating System Winter-Ready

As the winter season is almost here, it is very essential to be prepared for it. You must be ready with warm clothes, but what about your heating system? Now is the time to be prepared with your checklist. When the snowflakes hit the ground, you should enjoy it with your cup of coffee and not worry about your indoor heating system. Santana Air Inc has the best furnace service in San Fernando CA, but there is some basic troubleshooting that you can perform on your own to make your system season-ready.

Batteries and Electrical Inputs

The first step towards the well-being of your system is to check the thermostat’s batteries (if you have a battery-operated thermostat). Apart from that, check all the electrical input points and make sure it’s tight and switched on. Sometimes after a season, the electrical points become loose or faulty. In case there is electricity leakage or loose points, contact Santana Air Inc which has the best technician for furnace repair in San Fernando, CA.

Tuning of Thermostat

Just change the thermostat to heat and double-check it. This is a very basic step but we always tend to miss the basics. After turning it to heating, turn up the temperature and look for the change in room temperature. This step is important to check if the system is heating properly or there are issues that need expert handling.

Furnace Filter Inspection

It is always recommended to replace air filters within 2-3 months for a better air quality index inside the house. Any kind of blockage around the filters can turn down the system or switch off the system. Usually, the old and blocked filters heat up the system beyond its capacity.

Check for Leakage

In case you have a gas-operated furnace in your house, it is very important to check the inlet for any kind of leakage. If you smell gas, it can be very dangerous. Stay away from the furnace and call professionals from Santana Air Inc in San Fernando, CA.

Inspection and Cleaning of Ducts

Ducts carry the warm air from the furnace to the air vents. All the impurity that’s there in the air might accumulate inside the ducts. Also, debris can be deposited in the duct resulting in bad air quality or a foul smell. Professional cleaning is recommended for the duct because there are sensitive electrical connections around it.

For the Oil Furnace Users

For oil furnace users, it is a must to replace oil filters once a year. The oil input has to be turned off before unscrewing and putting on the new filter. Also, the oil pumping nozzle should be checked, as there are lots of collected impurities in that.

The annual maintenance of your system can save you money and will make you breathe in fresh, warm air throughout the winters. For a service with a smile, contact Santana Air Inc heating replacement San Fernando CA.

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