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 AC Installation in San Fernando, Pacoima,  Sylmar CA and Surrounding AreasSummer season is officially here, and the sun is blazing right now! During such trying times, installing an efficient HVAC system brings you comfort in your home. Systems like air conditioners ensure a safe and pleasant environment for you and your family. It promotes better sleep by making you relaxed after a long, tiring day. An air conditioner also prevents electronic items from overheating, making their lifespan longer.

It gives you added health benefits such as reducing asthma attacks and the prevention of heat strokes. It makes your home quiet and refreshing, enabling you to kick back and relax.

If your unit has stopped operating, isn’t producing as much cold air as it once did, or has developed a leak, you’ll need to have it inspected to figure out what’s wrong. A technician comes to your home during an inspection to locate the problem. Following an AC inspection, AC tune-up in San Fernando may or may not be required, and the technician will guide you through. Once an issue has been identified, assistance is needed to resolve it. 

One Stop For All Your AC Installation Needs

Santana Air Inc is a one-stop place for all your HVAC needs ranging from installation to safe replacements. We are a licensed business that aims at getting the right job done at the right price. 

We are a locally owned business thriving to make all of our customers equipped with the right HVAC systems and related services. 

If what you’re looking for is fair prices, a reliable tech team, efficient HVAC systems, and the best customer service, we- Santana Air Inc- are here with AC installation San Fernando

Other Services Including AC Installation

Santana Air Inc carries a wide variety of crucial services for your HVAC systems, such as-

  • Air Conditioners-Installation, maintenance, repairs, replacements, servicing, regular tune-ups, and smart thermostats!
  • Heating Systems-Installation, maintenance, repairs, replacements, tune-ups, servicing’s, amongst others.
  • Heat Pumps– Installation, maintenance, repairs, replacements, servicing, regular tune-ups, etc.
  • Ductless Heating and cooling and related services.
  • Indoor Air Quality Improvement through air purifiers, dehumidification/humidification, efficient ventilation, and filtration throughout the house.
  • Electric Services including safety inspection, regular repairs, rewiring, commercial electrics, surge protectors, backup generators, etc.
  • Plumbing Services related to bathroom remodeling, heater services, fitting services, repiping, and much more!

What Do We Offer In AC Installation?

  • Commercial and Residential Services

Santana Air Inc offer services at both residential and commercial levels, thus helping customers secure comfort in their homes and offering business owners regular maintenance. If you are looking for AC Repair in San Fernando, then you can contact Santana Air Inc. We offer our services by keeping in mind our customer’s requirement.

  • HVAC Financing

Considering the importance of HVAC systems, we offer financing services enabling you to designate costs for your regular services over a pre-decided period.

  • Long-Standing Expertise in the Field

We’ve been in the HVAC for many years, making us compatible in providing you with all services and fulfilling your HVAC needs.

  • Safety Compliance

Owing to the recent pandemic, we are ensuring minimal person-to-person contact as well as maximum returns for your hard-earned money.

  • Affordable Services

Our business focuses on giving you what you need in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Why are We the Best AC Installation Company?

  • Experienced Technicians

Our team includes technicians and employees who have been thoroughly trained to serve you their best. They’ve been in the field long enough to help you out with any issue you’re facing.

  • You are Our Priority

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to provide you with the best AC service San Fernando we can offer.

  • Professional and Cooperative

Santana Air Inc aims to complete professionalism and cooperation while serving you, resulting in your satisfaction and our best work!

We also offer AC Tune up in San Fernando

What is an Air Conditioner Tune-Up?

During a tune-up, your AC specialist inspects the unit from top to bottom and addresses several minor issues, including:

  • Condenser coils cleaning
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Replacing electrical parts that are broken or malfunctioning
  • Freon replacement
  • Air filter replacement and replacement

Why Should you Get an AC Tune-Up?

  • You could believe that if your air conditioner is functioning correctly, you don’t need to contact a technician. Getting an AC tune-up in San Fernando, on the other hand, is a smart method to avoid needing an inspection or servicing. 
  • Including an annual AC tune-up in your regular maintenance schedule will help you prevent costly repairs and unexpected charges. After the house itself, one of the most expensive purchases most homeowners make is an air conditioner. 
  • It makes sense to safeguard your investment and treat it like a car, keeping it operating well to avoid costly breakdowns and repairs down the road. 
  • Regular AC tune-ups can also help you save money by extending the life of your unit and decreasing your energy bills. When your unit is in good working order, it doesn’t have to work as hard, using less energy.

Why Should you Select a Professional HVAC Company to Install your Air Conditioner?

  • Expertise: You may have spent your entire life in an air-conditioned room, but HVAC companies have more experience with installation-related services.
  • To Prevent Voiding your AC Warranty: You don’t want to try to handle the air conditioning installation process independently and wind up accidentally ruining your system. A specialist knows the internal workings of each AC system and will ensure that none of the components is harmed during the installation.
  • Keep Yourself Safe: You don’t have the necessary safety equipment to continue working on the AC system installation. Don’t take unnecessary risks only to save money on AC installation costs. Hire a professional like AC repair in San Fernando to assist you with this.
  • To Save Time: Installing an air conditioner takes time, and in today’s world, time is money. So, you must save time and money by outsourcing the AC installation procedure.
  • Long-Term Usability: When it comes to long-term usability, a competent AC service business knows how to set up your AC system so that it doesn’t damage its performance over time.
  • Accountability: If anything goes wrong with your air conditioner after the service company assembles it in your home, you can call them and demand compensation.

Tune-ups are recommended since they can help prevent future problems or discover problems early on when they’re minor and easy to remedy. Santana Air Inc.’s professionals are NATE-certified and BBB-accredited, with years of experience in professional air conditioning installation. Call us today to know more about AC repair in San Fernando, or let us install your new system properly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Accurate air conditioning installation in San Fernando is essential, as a poorly installed cooling device usually succumbs to untimely replacements and costly repairs. Therefore, when planning an air conditioner installation, you must keep the following factors in mind: 

  • Strength of wall to maintain the air conditioner.
  • Accurate spacing between AC unit and wall. 
  • Proper installation elevation from the ground. 
  • The right tilt slope of the indoor unit. 
  • Adequate placement of the outdoor unit. 
  • Accurate location of the outdoor device. 
  • Suitable space between outdoor and indoor units.

Generally, you should install split air conditioning devices in a prominent place in the room you like to heat or cool to ensure airflow. In addition, the best place for an AC Installation in San Fernando is a bedroom where the air does not stream straight over the bed.

While the cost of an air conditioner installation depends on different factors, the average cost varies between $4,500 – $12,000.

Scheduling air conditioning maintenance by professional technicians offers a host of advantages. First and foremost, hiring experts for your air conditioner upkeep helps you maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, professional technicians also ensure that your device remains efficient for an extended time without any glitches. 

While there are numerous AC installation companies in California, Santana Air Inc should be your first choice if you want dependable air conditioner installation. At Santana Air Inc, we are one of the leading air conditioning and heating companies. In addition, the technicians we hire hold years of expertise and technical know-how to help you save money on all your air conditioner installation and repairs. 

Some of the steps that experts incorporate in air conditioner maintenance are as follows: 

  • Replace or clean the air filters.
  • Clean and examine the indoor and outdoor evaporator coils.
  • Wash the condensate pump of debris and dirt.
  • Examine the condensate pump.
  • Inspect the thermostat functions appropriately.
  • Visually examine the whole air conditioner device.
  • Wash away any dirt, dust, and debris from the system.

A clogged or obstructed condenser or evaporator coil could be one problem if your air conditioner operates without dropping temperatures inside. When working accurately, the condenser fan draws air into the outdoor device through the evaporator or condenser coil to draw heat power out of your house. 

When an air conditioning device needs replacement, it begins showing some apparent indications for the homeowners. For instance, when a cooling appliance starts creating an odd noise or emitting foul odors, it indicates internal wreckage. 

In addition, a broken thermostat, no cool air, short cycling, and rising utility costs indicate that you need an air conditioner replacement. 

If the rest of your air conditioning device is working accurately, you can replace only the AC coils. However, if your appliance breaks down, it is prudent to replace the entire machine. 

Leaking air conditioning devices can be repaired with quick DIY tips. However, overlooking the issue can cause severe problems requiring a professional technician’s assistance. 

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