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AC Repair in San Fernando, Pacoima, Sylmar CA and Surrounding Areas

Several variables influence an air conditioner’s quality and condition, including poor weather, rare or heavy use, physical damage, and leaks. Changing filters, coils, checking the thermostat, and checking for leaks are all crucial steps to do while repairing your air conditioner. 

Despite your best efforts, you may need to seek professional help for AC repair San Fernando. Since air conditioners are now essential appliances, we must invest some time maintaining them to increase our comfort.

Who are we

Santana Air Inc. is a premium HVAC service provider company based in California specializing in air conditioning and heating system problems and repairs. To provide the finest services, we maintain an active and healthy work environment with our workers and customers. 

Being a locally owned business working in the HVAC field for a long time, we are best at what we do! During heating and cooling system inspections, we observe complete care and ensure to be fully honest with you regarding any alternative action if needed. 

In addition, we aim to provide complete customer satisfaction through 24×7 support and service delivery by highly experienced and qualified technicians. 

Services we provide

We at Santana Air Inc. offer HVAC services in the residential and light commercial sectors. Our trained personnel provide the highest quality services in the shortest possible time. The services that we provide are:

What makes us unique?

  • Quick and efficient service

Services are provided in a quick yet efficient manner, as our skilled employees use all of their expertise and experience to complete the job in the shortest possible period. This helps customers save time.

  • All solutions at one place

Santana Air Inc. believes that performing all services and sales from a single location is the most efficient. We provide various services related to air, heating, electricity, and plumbing, as stated above.

  • Satisfactory services

Your satisfaction is vital to us; therefore, we make every possible effort to provide you with the highest quality job with minimal effort.

  • Up-to-date services

Our company works with current modern models and maintains its services up-to-date as technology advances. You can schedule a service and discuss the most recent systems with us.

  • Accessibility to unbiased feedback

Before choosing our company, you can check the feedback provided by our past customers.

  • Vast experience

We’ve been dealing with HVAC problems for years now. We’ve dealt with a wide variety of systems regularly; therefore, we’re well-versed in our services.

  • Reasonable pricing

At Santana Air Inc., you can get all the help you need at the most reasonable and ethical prices possible, all while maintaining complete transparency and honesty.

  • Customer satisfaction

Since our customers’ satisfaction is so important to us, we go to great lengths to ensure that they are satisfied with our services, behavior, and so on.

Are you looking for AC repair San Fernando? Contact us for best-in-class HVAC services. Call us at (747)-241-7753 or drop us an email at to schedule a service or request an estimate today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does an AC repair cost?

The cost of AC repair in San Fernando varies depending on the type of repair required, warranty, and the choice of contractors. Easy and inexpensive repairs would cost around 75$ to 250$ while some intensive repairs can also exceed 1000$. To get an estimate for your repair requirements, please contact our team.

Does homeowners insurance cover AC repair?

A homeowner’s insurance would cover AC repair only if the damage is caused by factors mentioned in standard home insurance policies such as fire, lightning, other natural calamities, and vandalism, etc. However, that won’t include the repair needed for regular wear and tear, repair, and maintenance.

What is the average cost of AC repair?

The average cost of AC repair in San Fernando would be about 200$ to 400$. The AC repair costs would vary with every case depending on repairs required, warranties, and service contracts. For a more specific estimate, get in touch with our experts at Santana Air Inc.

Are AC service contracts worth it?

An AC service in San Fernando is worth it and provides a safety net of financial solutions for all possible repairs, seasonal check-ups, and maintenance issues that are bound to come up with time. However, one must always do their homework, read the fine print thoroughly, and look at the value of services being offered. This will help in analyzing the true worth of a services contract. After that, you can assess your need for one.

Can I install my AC condenser?

Installing a condenser requires technical skill and knowledge, without which taking the matter in your hands can cause more damage than good. It also requires specific tools and equipment. Therefore, you can install your AC condenser, but it is recommended that you shouldn’t do that and rather hire a trained professional. You can contact our team and get a technician to install your AC condenser at the earliest.

Is installing a window AC unit difficult?

Installing a window AC without the help of professionals can be a difficult and laborious task. The installation process would require at least two people. Getting the measurements right, installing brackets, and ensuring a secure and airtight fit is not easy. In conclusion, yes, it is a difficult process.

Where to install split AC in the bedroom?

Prolonged exposure to direct cold air can cause sore throat or dry throat. This is why a split air conditioner should be installed in a spot where the cold air doesn’t fall directly on the bed. Accordingly, suitable positions should be on the walls and never on the roof. Furthermore, be careful not to install it in front of a door or window that frequently opens to hamper its performance.

When replacing an AC compressor, what else should be replaced?

If an AC compressor gets damaged, then there are chances that it also damages other parts. They would also need repair. It is advisable to let a technician check if there is a need for other repairs or not.

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