Beware These Signs You Need AC Repair

Picture this scenario, it is Sunday noon, and you are relaxing in your home in San Fernando. The temperature outside is around 88°F. But that’s alright because your AC system is keeping you comfortable and pleased. Until unexpectedly, it stops functioning and providing you with cool air. You do all you possibly can and then decide to call for AC repair. Now you have to wait for the repairs to be done, and your perfectly relaxing Sunday afternoon is ruined.   You can do numerous things to prevent such a scenario where your AC suddenly stops working from happening. Read on as we provide you with the list of the most common signs that indicate your AC system needs repairs or it might break down. 
  • Reduction in airflow
Several different factors or things can cause a reduction in airflow. But firstly, you have to check your air filter. It is generally advised that the HVAC air filters should be changed anywhere between one to three months. It ensures proper and healthy airflow and protects your air conditioning unit. Damaged and deteriorated ductwork can also be a reason why you are experiencing reduced airflow. If you are from San Fernando, the best thing you can do if you have a reduced airflow due to ductwork problems is call us for an AC tune-up in San Fernando.
  • If you’re experiencing short-cycling with your AC unit
Does your air conditioning unit turn on and off quickly at random times throughout the day? If yes, then this complex process is called short cycling. This results in your ac never finishing a cooling cycle. Short cycling can affect the longevity of your AC unit as it causes a lot of wear and tears to your system. If you’re facing this, then call us for an AC service in San Fernando.  Avoiding fixing this issue will only deteriorate your AC system. 
  • Unusual decrease in cooling power
Does your air not feel as cold as it is supposed to even though the airflow is working fine? A refrigerant leak can cause it. Unlike fuels, a refrigerant should not need to be refilled. It is supposed to last until the air conditioner’s lifespan is over. If you want to fix a refrigerant leak around here, you can call us for AC repair in San Fernando. Fixing a refrigerant leak is essential for system efficiency.  
  • Odd sounds from your AC unit
Wondering what counts as an odd sound? Well, it is anything that you would not expect your air conditioning system to make. This includes banging, hissing sounds, weird grinding or grating noises, and shrieking-like noises. If you hear any of these sounds coming from your AC, then you have the right to be alarmed and search for AC repair in San Fernando or anywhere you live. Such sounds could be an indication of a loose part or a worn-out motor in your AC unit. It could also be caused due to a refrigerant leak. If you hear any of these sounds, then seek professional help. Contact Santana Air Inc. on (747)241-7753 to troubleshoot your issues regarding AC service and AC installation in San Fernando’s surrounding areas. We also offer AC Repair, AC Tune-up in San Fernando
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