DIY Some Furnace Repair, Before The Professionals Arrive

As the winter season arrives, thousands of people call furnace services. Even after some people recognize that something is wrong, they do not take any preventive measures and wait for the last moment when the furnace completely stops working. Whether it is a residential or a commercial setting, the furnace functioning is the same. You can take some precautionary measures yourself before any professional help arrives.

Here are the solutions to a few common furnace problems

  • Thermostat settings 

A thermostat is the most important part of your furnace. Ensure that your thermostat is on and always set 5 degrees above the room temperature to ensure smooth functioning. 

Conduct thermostat checks yourself:

  1.  Some thermostats are wired, while some run on batteries. Whatever way it is connected in your house, make sure to change the batteries as needed and check the wirings frequently.
  2.  Blow out any dust or debris that might be stuck on your thermostat. 
  3.  Check the date and timings on your equipment.  
  4.  Check the beaker, and fuse of the furnace, only after switching the breaker off. 
  • Changing your clogged filters 

One of the most common problems in a furnace is clogged filters. 

Until the repair service arrives, you can follow these tips to ensure it gives you comfort for some extended time:

  1. First, you need to locate where your filter is. For some, it might be in the intake, while for others, the filter resides in the furnace itself.
  2. If there is no light shining through your filter, it requires immediate furnace repair in San Fernando. As soon as you open it, a dirty unbearable smell might flow out, which is not a very good sign. Sometimes, it might need replacement as well.
  3. If your furnace was not installed properly, it might create issues because its job is to trap the air. You can open it and change the direction if it is upside down. 
  • Check the burner flames

Looking at the burner is the easiest way to ensure that your furnace is not contaminated:

  1. You want to ensure that your burner is clean; this can be understood if the flame lighting is blue. 
  2. If it is yellow, it means that the burner is contaminated. You can clean it with the help of vacuum cleaners and make sure that your vacuum’s blowing area is clean. 
  3. Dust usually gets collected during the summer season, so even when you are not using your furnace, it is good to clean it once in a while.

One important thing to keep in mind is never to touch your heater while it is on. It might seem like a very obvious tip, but many people get injured because of it. Another thing is to make sure that your furnace area is clean; this will help it function properly. Take special care if you have pets. 

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