Four Basic Steps In AC Installation

Just like every electronic device, our air conditioning units have a limited life span. To ensure durability, we recommend scheduling a professional AC installation by a reputable HVAC company instead of taking things into your own hands. Installing an AC by yourself will require a lot of effort and will involve certain risks to you or your family’s safety.  Air conditioning installation by a service professional not only ensures the safety of your home and family but also makes the process hassle-free and quick. Therefore, we always recommend seeking professional service for AC installation in San Fernando Irrespective of whether your unit is central or a mini-split ductless one, these four major steps involved in air conditioning installation are common in all cases: 

Evaluating and disposing of the old system

To install a new air conditioner, the old one must be removed, taken care of by the technician. The installer performs an audit of the existing cooling framework of your home. This is done to ensure no leaks in the air ducts and eliminates the risk of other issues that might affect your new system’s performance. 

Installing the new system

AC installation begins right after the old one is removed. This is a detailed process that might entail piping replacements or new ductwork connections. Your installer will check all the electrical connections to see if they are in place. They will also examine the refrigerant injected into the system according to the specifications given by the manufacturer.  Finally, the installer will switch on your new air conditioner to check its functioning.

The Thermostat

The third step is regarding the installation of a thermostat. These days, almost all air conditioner brands provide a thermostat with the system. You can either choose to install the new thermostat or install your old one if it is still in working condition. In the latter case, the installer will first check if the connection between your new air conditioner and the old thermostat is sufficiently alright.  However, if you want to have a smart thermostat installed, your installer will do so for you, provided you have the thermostat at home. If you don’t have one at the moment, you can schedule a future appointment. 

Final checking and maintenance advice

The last step involves running a final assessment of your new air conditioning system. They will explain some fundamental maintenance tasks that you can perform yourself and how often they must be performed.  You can also schedule a professional maintenance appointment for your air conditioner. Your HVAC service technician will tell you about how often you should schedule a professional visit. They will also ask if you have any queries related to your air conditioner. We recommend you clear all your doubts at this point to ensure the seamless operation of your air conditioning system in the future. With this fourth and final step, your air conditioning installation is complete.  At Santana Air Inc, we provide superior-quality installation, maintenance, AC repair in San Fernando, and AC tune-up in San Fernando services for your HVAC requirements. Call us today at (747) 241-7753 for air conditioning service in San Fernando and the surrounding areas! We also offer AC Installation San Fernando
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