Furnace Replacement San Fernando CA

Furnace Replacement San Fernando CA

Waking up to a cold house is always something that sends shivers down the spine, especially in the winters, when the cold is harsher than ever. This is why people massively depend on HVAC systems to keep their houses warm and cozy. However, you might face a situation when the furnace collapses and the foreboding cold rooms loom in your thought. Well, keep the looming thoughts away, as Santana Air Inc is here with all kinds of solutions when it comes to anything related to the HVAC system. Therefore, if you are looking forward to a suitable furnace replacement in San Fernando CA, rely on us as we walk you down the whole deal with everything you might need to know.

What Calls For a Furnace Replacement?

Before going further, the first thing that Santana Air Inc should be looking at is whether your furnace needs a replacement at all. With winter slowly coming your way, we advise that you take a look at the device. This way, you will know whether it would require a replacement or just a servicing would suffice. There may be many causes why you may need a replacement. We have listed a few possible reasons and signs which will tell you whether you need a replacement or not.
  • The Furnace is Old
One of the main reasons you should be thinking of replacing your furnace is on the older side. If you own a gas furnace and are around 15 to 30 years old, then that is a big nod towards replacement. However, for electric furnaces, the lifespan goes up to 20 to 30 years.
  • Fluctuation in Temperature
Another indication that you might need to replace your furnace is to notice a fluctuation in the temperature. If there is a sudden and uneven distribution of temperature in different rooms, the chances are that you need a replacement.
  • The Furnace is Making Unnatural Noises
Furnaces are not supposed to make any unnatural noises when they are operational. Therefore, if you observe any screeching, popping, rattling, or clicking noises, it is time to give a call to professionals.
  • Soot Collection
If there is soot accumulated throughout your house, then the chances are that your furnace is not functioning correctly and is producing more carbon monoxide than it should. This, too, calls for a replacement.

Furnace Replacement Best of Service at the Best Price

When it comes to furnace replacement, you can always depend on us for the best services. With the best of services at the best price, we take pride in our ways to assist you with everything. Here is what Santana Air Inc offers:
  • We offer both pre-season and routine checkups to ensure that your furnace and the HVAC system are in proper working condition.
  • We have experience of over 30 years and have capable and expert professionals as a part of our team. Be it a replacement, a new installation, or just a routine checkup; our professionals can handle everything while walking you through the whole process.
  • We are equipped with the latest technology. We can, therefore, handle everything and anything that your system has in store for us. We assure the efficiency of our technology.

6 Indicators It’s Time To Upgrade The Outdated Furnace In Your Home

One of the major decisions a householder must make is fixing a heating system rather than replacing it. We’re not going to pretend that there’s a simple solution to this question—we can’t make broad generalizations about all furnaces. Santana Air Inc, on the other hand, is here to offer some advice on when to replace your furnace. There are a variety of signals that it’s better to upgrade your old furnace with a new energy-efficient system, including the age of the system, unexpected temperature changes, high operating expenses, and loud noises:
  • You have an old furnace.
If you have a 10-15-year-old furnace which is not correctly working now, it means that it’s time for you to replace it. 
  • Your furnace is making loud noises
Several noises could signal that your outdated furnace needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Dust is gathered in your furnace
Dry air can easily ruin wood flooring, couches, chairs, and bookcases when soot and dust are present in the atmosphere at home. The presence of unnecessary dust and soot in your home indicates that your aging furnace creates too much carbon dioxide.
  • Temperature fluctuations.
Sudden temperature swings in different rooms of your home are a strong indication that it’s time to talk with a licensed contractor about repairing.
  • High bills.
When a furnace reaches the end of its 15-year service span, it gets more challenging to transfer heat evenly around your home. This results in a significant increase in your monthly energy bills. Take a look at the entire cost of your next repair if you’re unsure when it’s time to replace your furnace.
  • Yellow flames.
A new efficient furnace will always emit a clear blue flame. If the flames from the burners are yellow, your ancient furnace may be emitting carbon monoxide.

Who are we? 

We are a reputable HVAC company situated in California. Our personnel is highly skilled and experienced HVAC professionals that provide you with high-quality services. From a minor AC repair to a complete furnace replacement, we’ve got you covered with the highest care and precision. Our goal is to deliver complete client satisfaction and to provide long-term assistance.

Why choose us? 

  • Expert technicians
We have skilled professionals who are the best in their work. 
  • Prompt service
We provide immediate service and prove ourselves best in front of customers. 
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
We treat our customers in the best ways and strive for complete customer satisfaction.
  • Reasonable pricing
Whether it’s a simple heating repair in San Fernando, CA, or a whole-system replacement, all of our services are reasonably priced.

Our Services

We have vast experience with all types of heating and cooling systems. Aside from that, we can assist you with plumbing and air quality issues. We happily serve both residential and commercial HVAC systems as expert HVAC contractors in California:
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioning replacement
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Air conditioning tune-up
  • Heating installation
  • Heating repair
  • Heating service
  • Heating replacement
  • Heating maintenance
  • Heating Tune-up
  • Plumbing
  • Indoor air quality
If you’re already paying for your old furnace repair in San Fernando, CA, every year, a replacement can put an end to those extra costs right now. Santana Air Inc Furnace Replacement San Fernando CA provides furnace installation, boiler replacement, heat pump installation, and other HVAC repair services. Our licensed HVAC experts and plumbers also fix broken air conditioners and water heater leaks. Schedule an appointment to obtain immediate assistance.

Schedule Your Furnace Replacement in San Fernando Today

The furnace is the core of your HVAC system. If anything goes wrong with it, it calls for immense trouble and discomfort. Therefore, if you face any problems on that front, we at Santana Air Inc will be at your service.
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