Furnace Replacement in San Fernando, CA

The furnace installed in your house protects you and your dear ones from the harsh winter temperatures. It makes your abode warm and cozy and makes your holidays happy. Your furnace is an expensive system that, like other appliances, needs your attention. 

Because it is a complex structure and hiring helps costs a fortune, we fail to do regular maintenance checks. Let us walk you through some vital information that will save you cumbersome bills and a big cleaning task.

When do you know it’s time for a furnace replacement?

Your furnace tells you when it wants replacement. There are several problems you’ll face if you have a furnace that needs replacement. Look for the signs and prevent having to deal with a broken furnace during the winter.

  • Once set in work mode, your furnace makes noises

Having a noisy working furnace is the most basic sign for replacement. Different noises hint towards different problems. Your furnace screeches when there is a blower motor malfunction, it clicks when the flame igniter requires attention, and rattling indicates loose parts.

  • Temperature fluctuations 

Your furnace will make popping sounds, and you’ll experience significant shifts in temperatures. When your furnace fails to heat the house evenly, you know it’s time for a replacement.

  • Severe gas emission

Your furnace will make booming sounds to inform you about gas emissions. You will smell a gas odor in your house.

  • Color of the flame

 A perfect working furnace burner heats with a blue flame. If you see yellow flames instead of blue, it indicates either carbon monoxide, improper combustion, or a gas leak.

  • Finding excess soot or dust 

Finding excess soot or dust is highly unpleasant and requires immediate attention. Your furnace may be producing too much carbon dioxide that absorbs the moisture leaving behind dry dust and soot that collects near the air duct.

Every furnace system has a lifespan of around 15 to 30 years, depending upon the furnace’s type. After it’s given life, your system loses its ability to heat your house evenly and efficiently. Your furnace may even require frequent repairs and make you pay a large amount for energy bills. It is essential to consider a replacement to save yourself from the hassle and the financial toll.

“Winter is coming” shouldn’t get you worried. If your furnace is misbehaving, we are here to offer you the best services for furnace replacement in San Fernando. Why is choosing Santana Air Inc. the right choice, you ask?

Here’s why,

  • Our team of experts and professionals has been providing the best service for over 30 years.
  • We help you understand your system’s requirements and provide many services, from installations to replacements and further maintenance. 
  • Our team is equipped with advanced technology that helps us beat every problem that your system is putting you through.
  •  We do not just install and replace your system but also help you protect your system with pre-season and routine maintenance check-ups.

Santana Air Inc. understands that furnace repair and furnace services in San Fernando come with a thick price tag and hence guarantee you a solution for a very reasonable price that won’t harm your wallets.

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