What Does An AC Tune-Up Actually Do?

Just like our other machines, air conditioners have a lot of complex parts and components. For them to work reliably, safely, and efficiently, you need to get an AC service and AC tune-up regularly.

Below are some of the most important point checks that we make during an AC tune-up San Fernando and how they benefit you: 

  1. Checking and calibrating thermostat: If your thermostat is improperly calibrated, then it’ll affect the overall comfort of your house, hinder the temperature and increase your energy bills as well.


  2. Cleaning and replacing filters: During our service for AC repair in San Fernando, we check and replace filters as they are responsible for your unit and its compressor to work efficiently.


  3. Monitoring voltage for motors: It safeguards your equipment and ensures high performance. For AC tune-up San Fernando, we measure and monitor volt/amps for your fan motors.


  4. Checking bearings for wear and tear: We check and lubricate your AC system’s bearings. This is important because if the rotating parts of the equipment are not well lubricated, it will eventually fail.


  5. Inspect coil: Dirty coil and evaporator can lead to compressor failure in your HVAC system. That’s why for an AC tune-up in San Fernando we inspect the coil and clean it thoroughly to avoid failures.


  6. Check condensate drains: A malfunctioning condensate drain can cause expensive water damage. We make sure to go through them to avoid further damages.


  7. Monitor the refrigerant: Blockage in the operating pressure of refrigerants can increase fuel costs and decrease the longevity of your system.


  8. Monitor disconnect box: We inspect the disconnect box for AC tune-up San Fernando to eliminate any worn/overheated and dangerous fuses. We also tighten all electrical connections to extend your system’s life.


  9. Check fan blades of the motor: Inspecting the fan blades during the AC tune-up San Fernando ensures that your system won’t need an expensive emergency service.


  10. Inspect ductwork of your ac system: Yet another important thing that we check while doing your AC tune-up San Fernando. Ensuring that your ductwork is performing efficiently helps increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.


  11. Testing capacitors: Testing and replacing capacitors for ac tune-up in San Fernando or any other region is important as bad or damaged capacitors can lead to motor and compressor failure.


  12. Testing contractors for burns: This is an important point check that we go through while doing an ac tune-up, San Fernando, as loose connections and worn-out contactors can cause motor and compressor failure. It is equally important for your and your family’s safety.


  13. Inspecting/testing safety devices: To keep the units in safe operating conditions, we conduct a thorough inspection of safety devices to keep units safe and working properly.


  14. Inspect service valves of your ac system: Doing this helps ensure optimum performance, increases longevity, saves money, and prevents untimely failure.

Make sure to keep your home and family super comfortable throughout the year with our expert HVAC services. Contact Santana Air Inc today on 747-241-7753 and book an appointment for an AC service in San Fernando in nearby areas. 

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