Why Should you Maintain your AC System Early this Year?

AC maintenance is something that should not be overlooked. There are several reasons why you should schedule AC service periodically. It is often a significant question to decide when to schedule one. However, you can schedule tune-ups any time of the year, but springtime or late fall is the best time for AC maintenance.  Like any other systems, HVAC systems are prone to wearing away components. They need regular servicing and lubricating, and care must be taken to keep the internal parts functioning. Santana Air Inc provides you with this article where we give you reasons why you should maintain your system early this year. 
  1. Prevent Sudden AC Breakdowns-
Regular maintenance and AC tune-up in San Fernando can help you avoid a sudden and inconvenient breakdown. Our HVAC professionals ensure that your system is performing at its optimal condition and is in good shape. Tune-ups can be scheduled at any time of the year at appropriate intervals. 
  1. Avoid Unnecessary Repairs:
Untimely repairs can burden you with huge expenses as AC repairs can be costly. If you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of added expense, you should schedule maintenance twice a year. Maintenance can help you prevent repairs, which are no doubt costly.
  1. Increase the Longevity of your System:
If you schedule spring tune-ups each year, it can be expected that your AC will last up to the manufacturer’s estimated service life. For most systems, it is usually 10-15 years. Without maintenance, however, the life expectancy will drop by half, so you get only 5-8 years from it before you have to replace it. 
  1. Warranty:
The warranty on your AC protects you in case the AC malfunctions or breaks down due to a manufacturing fault. Usually, warranties last for approximately 10 years. However, you need to protect the warranty because they are voided if your system does not have AC tune-ups and inspections. 
  1. Energy Efficiency:
With time, the parts of your AC undergo wear and tear. This means that the AC starts to lose its efficiency and costs more. However, maintenance prevents the system from wearing and helps the components last longer. It should keep a 95% efficiency rating if professionals maintain AC annually.  Living without a cooling system is tough, especially when it’s the peak time in summer. Reach out to us for AC Installation in San Fernando.

Why Should you not Avoid AC Maintenance?

Skipping maintenance can make you pay more to cool your home. When failing to have your AC system checked for any fault regularly, your utility bills increase because the system loses its efficiency. It can worsen throughout the years, which will end up paying more.  Santana Air Inc. serves in Pacoima, San Fernando, Sylmar, CA, and surrounding areas. Our customers are the ones we value the most, and we aim to provide them 100% satisfaction. We are always ready to help you 24 hours, whenever you need us. Please schedule an appointment online or call us at 747-241-7753.
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