AC Maintenance In Pacoima, CA

AC Maintenance in Pacoima, San Fernando, Sylmar, CA and Surrounding Areas

AC Maintenance and Tune Up

Seasonal AC tune-ups are a way to secure efficient performance from air conditioners for many years. Earlier detection of malfunctioning not only limits the cost but also averts greater damage to the system. On average, an AC maintenance in San Fernando can avoid about 80% of the repairs. We at Santa Air INC deliver the ideal maintenance services in and around San Fernando.

Santana Air INC has been caring for the HVAC needs of consumers for many years. Our highly skilled technicians perform the most excellent services and ensure the effective performance of the system.

We always strive to deliver the best-in-class assistance to the customers and help take care of their air conditioners. Our experts are always available at your beck and call.

What does AC tune up consist of?

An AC maintenance ensures the necessary optimization for your air conditioner. It involves a thorough cleaning, inspection, and undertaking any minor repairs.

Leave it on our technicians when it comes to tuning up your air conditioner. Santana Air INC’s comprehensive AC maintenance in San Fernando comprises the following checklist.

  • Inspection and cleaning of the AC condenser coils
  • Examining the duct pipes for any cracks or tears in the metal part
  • Calibration of replacement of the thermostat for accurate temperature sensing
  • Performing a refrigerant refill upon observing low levels
  • A visual inspection of all electrical connections of the system and tightening the electrical outlets
  • Verify the well being of the blower motor and its belt
  • Removal of debris and any blockage from drain pain to avoid any water leak
  • Lubrication of the moving parts of the Air Conditioner
  • Clean-up of the indoor and outdoor coils of the system
  • Replacement or cleaning of air conditioner filters (ideally to be replaced every three months)
  • Investigating the need for minor repairs to warrant the economic performance

Why is tune-up and maintenance important?

Just as the regular servicing of a car helps it deliver excellent performance, an Air Conditioner also needs seasonal tune-ups. Scheduling an AC tune-up confers benefits such as:

  • Energy costs: Undetected repairs can increase the strain of the air conditioner, thereby reflecting higher power bills. A finely maintained AC keeps the energy costs in check and delivers precise cooling.

  • Prevent breakdown: A full AC breakdown is often the result of several unattended minor repairs. AC tune-up helps the technicians detect the issues and avoids complete breakdown.

  • Increase the lifespan: Although an AC is said to have a lifespan of 15 years, it is only possible to achieve it by signing up for seasonal ac tune-ups in San Fernando. Hence, maintenance is the way to preserve AC for many years.

Why Choose Us?

Santana Air Inc endeavors to maintain consistent quality in all the services offered. Our most friendly yet professional technicians always give you the right advice and help save unnecessary expenses.

An AC maintenance in San Fernando becomes more affordable upon subscribing to our service contracts. Call us at (747) 241-7753 now and enjoy exceptional services for AC tune-up in San Fernando.

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