Heat Pump Tune Up In Pacoima, CA

Heat Pump Tune Up in Pacoima, San Fernando, Sylmar, CA and Surrounding Areas

What Is a Heat Pump?

Heat Pump Tune Up in Pacoima, San Fernando, Sylmar, CA and Surrounding Areas

A heat pump is a central heating and air conditioning system that provides heat in the winter and coolness in the summer. Heat pumps provide environmentally friendly heating and cooling and generally require less energy than other systems. Contact Us Today for Heat Pump Tune Up in Pacoima, San Fernando, Sylmar, CA and Surrounding Areas.

The main types of heat pumps are air-to-air, water source, and geothermal, with the air-source being the most common type. These heat pumps work by transferring heat between your house and the air, water, and ground outside your home.

Heat pumps aren’t as efficient in colder weather conditions, but it’s ideal for the climate in Southern California, including around Pacoima, San Fernando, and Sylmar.

If you’re thinking about a heat pump for your home, give Santana Air Inc a call today. Our experts can tell you if a heat pump is suitable for your home.

Why Do I Need a Heat Pump Tune-Up?

With a heat pump tune-up, you can make sure your system is running at an efficient rate and well-maintained for the coming year. As with any appliance or device designed to heat or cool, heat pumps should be maintained regularly to increase their life expectancy. We recommend getting a heat pump tune-up twice a year, once in the Spring and then also in the Fall.

A service technician will inspect the entire system to ensure all moving parts are working properly and safely. The technician will also check refrigerant pressures, electrical wiring and connection terminals, safety controls, support boards, and hardware that hold the components together.

The HVAC contractor will also complete the following tasks during the tune-up process:

  • Lubricate mechanical equipment like motors, compressor seals, and oil-free compressors
  • Clean the fan blades
  • Flush out dirt
  • Adjust the gas valves to stop leaking gases
  • Inspect heat exchangers for heat pump units to make sure they are not rusted or warped

When it’s time for a heat pump tune-up, and you’re in Pacoima, San Fernando, Sylmar, or a surrounding area, call the professionals at Santana Air Inc.

How We Can Help

Since the heat pump is an essential component of your heating and cooling system, it’s vital to have highly-trained and certified technicians complete the tune-up.

At Santana Air Inc, our team strives to provide the best service possible every time they visit your home or business. They will thoroughly inspect your heat pump system before creating a heat pump tune-up plan, which includes servicing all components that make it work safely and efficiently.

Heating and cooling systems can last up to 20 years if maintained regularly; however, heat pumps require more care than other types of systems because they not only serve as air conditioners in warm weather but also heat throughout the colder months of the year. No matter the season, qualified professionals should inspect your heat pump to prevent emergencies from occurring when least expected. You can also contact us for any other service like heating or furnace repair in San Fernando, CA.

Call Santana Air Inc to schedule your heat pump tune-up appointment today! We service Pacoima, San Fernando, Sylmar, and the surrounding areas.

Heat Pump Tune Up in Pacoima, San Fernando, Sylmar, CA and Surrounding Areas

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