Signs That Show A Need For Air Conditioner Replacement

An air conditioner is an HVAC appliance with a fixed lifespan of fifteen to twenty years. Sometimes, the cooling system can work for more than twenty years if the owner maintains a regular AC service schedule in San Fernando. However, if not maintained properly, the AC unit can stop working in less than fifteen years.

Owners should know the right time to replace their air conditioners. Through timely replacement of their air conditioner units, homeowners can avoid problems like high energy bills, decreased efficiency levels, and potential health hazards. A timely AC replacement in San Fernando can take care of all these problems.

3 signs it’s time to replace your Air Conditioner

If you feel that you need professional guidance related to the replacement schedule of your air conditioner, you should contact a certified technician for AC installation in San Fernando.

Here are 3 signs that your air conditioner unit needs replacing soon:

  1. Age
    If your air conditioner has crossed twenty years of age, you should highly consider not continuing to use it. At this age, the parts in your AC unit have a lot of wear and tear, which can damage or affect its working capacity, leading to costly repairs.

  2. Frequent repair jobs
    An air conditioner may need one or two repair jobs while otherwise working efficiently in the summer season. However, if your air conditioner needs more than five repair jobs each working cycle, yet its efficiency does not increase, it’s highly advised that you replace it with a new one.

  3. Low efficiency
    The primary goal of an air conditioner is to work with enhanced efficiency levels to cool your home quickly. However, if your air conditioner needs a lot of time to cool or frequently creates hot and cold pockets, you should replace it with a new cooling system that has high-efficiency energy ratings.

Bottom line

If you do not know which is the best air conditioner to replace your old one with or if you are looking for a reliable HVAC company for AC repair in San Fernando, allow Santana Air Inc to help you. We shall ensure your HVAC problems go away soon with our unique solutions and experience.

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