What Are The Different Types Of Furnaces?

The internet is full of information about furnaces and their variants. Basically, the furnace is the soul of your HVAC system. Santana Air Inc shields that soul by offering the best heating service and Furnace repair in San Fernando, CA. Depending on the type of furnace, heat generation takes place. Consumers are always left with questions like:

 Which furnace is right for my household?
 Which furnace is the most energy-efficient?
 Do some furnaces give better performance than others?

Actually, all brands offer similar kinds of features. However, the most commonly used furnace is a gas furnace, in which gas is used to generate heat and spread heat across the house through fans. It is the right time to get to know about the parts, features, specifications of a GAS FURNACE.

Filtration of Unhealthy Air

The air electrostatic filters in the furnace trap unhealthy dust particles. Filters are maintain indoor air quality in the furnace.

Multiple Thermostats

Multiple thermostats help to save a lot of energy, resulting in controlled utility bills. These thermostats can be used to heat only those portions of the house which you want to heat. You can switch off/on according to your needs.

Fan Speed Regulator

The fan of the blower motor of the furnace has different speed controllers which control the flow of heat as required. Fan speed can be adjusted for more or less flow of heat. The blower is used to circulate the warm air to different areas, through ducts.

Heat Exchanger

The most important role of a furnace is to convert cold air into hot air. This process takes place in the heat exchanger.

Ventilation Output Unit

A very important part of the furnace is the ventilation pipes. It collects and throws out all the harmful gases that are generated while warming your home.

Gas furnaces

They are the most commonly used furnace. The gas pipeline is directly connected to the furnace. The heated gas travels through the ducts and comes out of vents to make your house a warmer place. Low cost of natural gas across the country makes gas furnaces affordable.

An oil furnace

It is an alternative type of furnace. However, due to high maintenance requirements and less energy efficiency, it is used in lesser households. But, it warms up the place quite efficiently by burning oil and producing heat.

Electric furnaces

They are best suited for compact spaces. It is quite cost-efficient. Using the electricity, the electrical mechanism warms the entire place. It is also smaller in size, which makes it more compatible according to user needs.

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