Why Is My Heating Unit Not Working?

All electrical appliances are prone to breakdowns and malfunctions. Even highly reliable and expensive machines tend to develop issues at one point that can compromise your comfort.

Nothing is as frustrating as your heater breaking down during the winter. In cases like these, you will require immediate furnace repair. Contact Santana Air Inc for the best HVAC solutions in San Fernando, CA and the surrounding areas.

Causes of Your Heater To Break Down.

Inadequate Maintenance

It’s one of the most common reasons of heating unit failures everywhere. A dirty blower motor, similar to dirty air filters, can lead to system overheating by blocking the airflow through the heat exchanger and amplifying the issues.

A dirty flame sensor can also prevent the lighting of the burner and cease its function. The more dirt and debris your system has, the harder it becomes for your furnace to run efficiently.

Faulty Blower Capacitor

A capacitor works behind starting your furnace according to the thermostat settings. These devices function smoothly only at fixed tolerance levels. If the levels are too low, your blower motor will not start.

The capacitor will cease its function, and the blower will not be able to rotate at the required speed. Capacitor failures are common and costly since they are similar to a big battery that you can only replace after a fixed time.

Thermostat Issues

An improperly set thermostat can cause serious issues by letting your furnace heat go uncontrolled. And this is why the new programmable thermostats are designed for more reliable and easy service.

A non-functioning thermostat will run your furnace day and night, exhausting its efficiency and raising energy bills. Therefore, you can ask one of our technicians to switch to smart thermostats.

Refrigerant Levels Too Low

Low refrigerant levels can be the main cause behind heat strips and excessive energy bills. If you notice unusually high numbers of heat strips, pay attention to your refrigerant levels.

Ignoring the signs may lead to overheating and compressor failure. So, it is better to call for professional help to fix the leaks and replace your broken compressor if needed. Contact Santana Air Inc for the best heating replacement in San Fernando, CA and the surrounding areas.

Defective Inducer Draft Motor

Your inducer motor can burn out due to overpressure while clearing the heat exchanger of the gas from combustion. The first sign of the issue can be seen with a dirty system leading to improper function and the safety switch being turned off.

It will shut down the furnace, and you will have to replace the system. Contact an expert to check the flue gas and burner efficiency and find other faults.

Broken Heat Exchanger

A broken heat exchanger unit can gradually lower your heating system’s efficiency. These signs are not visible from the start of the problem, but low airflow due to dirt and debris can lead to system failure.

With a cracked heat exchanger, your unit might release carbon monoxide, which needs immediate furnace repair.

Unsuitable Ductwork

When you rely on unskilled and inexperienced contractors for ductwork installation, there are high chances that the installation is inaccurate and might sabotage the efficiency of your system.

A poor job at installation will restrict your home’s airflow and lead to overheating due to exhaustion. The only solution is to find an experienced professional and reinstall the ductwork.


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